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To the next 25 years! 

January 27, 2023

The Guide Studio team is comprised of lifelong learners – a group unsatisfied with the status quo and always seeking “better and better.” Guide Founder Rachel Downey cultivated this culture from the beginning and believes President Cathy Fromet is primed to set the same course in the years ahead. “Cathy embodies that mantra,” says Rachel, who launched Guide in 1997. “It’s exciting for me to see, even if I’m no longer involved in the day-to-day.” From the beginning, Guide (formerly Studio Graphique) has evolved from a boutique graphic design firm to a sought-after multidisciplinary design firm that helps communities and…


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To the next 25 years! 


The Key to Place Brand Success


First Out-of-State Campus Wayfinding Program: University of West Georgia


Designing a Lasting Sign Program for State-Wide Historic Sites


Realistic Budgets and Timelines for Signage and Wayfinding Programs

Gateway 1

First Out-of-State City Wayfinding Project

Relaxing summer day in a Danish park, people lounging on the grass, pond water in the background. Concept of hygge.

How people and their behavior influence wayfinding

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City of Delaware leads the way with a new brand

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Developing a Wayfinding Program:What you can do for yourself (and when to bring in a wayfinding consultant)