Place Branding

Branding is important to any public place. It defines the critical elements that people value about a community and provides a foundation for how to express these things to the most people in the most consistent way. 

  • Community Engagement

  • Brand Audit

  • Positioning

  • Messaging

  • Identity Design

  • Brand Guidelines & Templates

  • Brand Activation

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Previously, we had a logo that wasn’t forward-facing and we were missing a message that signaled to our residents that we were advancing and putting our best foot forward. Guide was able to distill who we are into a brand, one that has elicited so much community pride. 

Mayor Michael Brennan

City of University Heights

Why does your place need to be branded?

When your community or place-based organization invests in brand building, it creates a platform that helps you make decisions, address challenges and achieve:

A consistent representation of your community or place-based organization

Support for economic development initiatives by positioning you to compete for residents, businesses and visitors

A growing sense of community pride that fosters collaboration with your people

Success with reputation management by helping to shed unfavorable perceptions

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Case Studies


Longmont, CO

Often characterized by a feisty personality, innovative spirit and majestic Rocky Mountain views, this vibrant community continues to reach new heights in its pursuit of giving people a great place to live, work and visit...


Dayton, OH

The Great Miami Riverway is 99 miles of interconnected waterways and trails that stream through 15 cities in southwest Ohio. Rich in recreational opportunities, public parks, entertainment venues, and businesses, the corridor is a destination for all types of outdoor and urban enthusiasts.

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