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5 Ways to Amplify Your Community’s Brand Story

Great stories fall flat all the time because no one is seeing or listening to them. The lesson: Your means of distribution are just as important as your message.

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Wayfinding to Empower Visitors + Boost Brand

Make the most of your wayfinding program. In this blog, we share key considerations for using wayfinding and signage to reinforce and strengthen brand.

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Position Paper

Power of Place

"When a story is told about a person, or through her lens and experience, it’s easier to relate to." Read More
Case Study

Fleet Avenue

Ten years after conceptualizing preliminary designs for the streetscape of Fleet Avenue in historic Slavic Village, Guide Studio was selected by The City of Cleveland and URS Corporation (AECOM) to further develop the identity of this unique neighborhood. Read More
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The ‘hierarchy of information’ is a key signage component

Nobody wins when the end-user experience disappoints, so it’s important to be particular about the partners supporting your project. Read More