Create a lasting
Image & Experience

Branding, wayfinding and design that help communities and public places engage people, manage image and enhance experience.

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    Your Advantage

    Create an image that is instantly recognizable for the things that people love.

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    Guide Visitor Experiences

    Give your visitors a guided experience that highlights what is special.

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    Cultivate a consistent and professional image and message.

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    Save Money
    and Time

    Work more efficiently with a plan, processes, and helpful tools.

Guide Studio helps managers, directors, planners and designers of communities and public places.

A great reputation is a game changer for communities and public places. The problem is that maintaining a positive reputation is hard to do without a consistently presented image and message.

An authentically created brand and smartly implemented communication tools can go a long way in helping to elicit pride and attract investment. Without these, many places struggle with short-term fixes that waste time and money — but even worse is the devastation of losing people and opportunity.

Our Clients Include

  • Municipalities (cities, towns, villages)

  • Parks, Trails & Public Spaces

  • Colleges & Universities

Guide Studio was accessible, creative, and open to our suggestions and input. They were good advocates for our goals, they heard what we were saying. They listen to you, listen to your focus groups, and they can take all that information and come back with a product that feels like your community.

Barbara Wilson, Director of Public Information and Engagement,

West Chester Township, OH

We Know (and Love)
Public Places

Since 1997, Guide Studio has partnered with communities and place-based organizations to communicate and engage with their residents, visitors, and local businesses.

We have helped develop over 100 place-brands, supporting these organizations in their branding, marketing, and wayfinding to attract and engage their audience.

Design With Direction® Process

Here's how we help you create a lasting brand image that represents the character and values of your place.

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    It Starts with People

    The best part of our jobs is getting to know new people and places! We have developed a toolbox of fun and engaging exercises that allow us to facilitate strength-based conversations. From these, we uncover your story and articulate it in a way that builds trust, appreciation, and consensus within your organization and with your stakeholders.

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    The Blueprint for Everything

    We create the right visuals and words to bring your story to life. We focus on consistency and clarity of message that trickles down through your experiences, departments, programs, and services—giving your organization a smart, professional foundation to work with.

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    Support to Help You Succeed

    We give you the tools you'll need for implementation in the long term. We can help you plan, budget, resource requirements, and any other details you'll need for brand consistency – now, and into the future.

Guide Insights

The Truth About Wayfinding

More than signs that direct you from Point A to Point B, wayfinding helps you create great place-based experiences. Like individual bricks paving your journey’s path, there are many considerations that impact a well-designed wayfinding program, from where to begin or end the experience, to what you see along the way.

Start With Purpose

Brand is so much more than a logo. If you let it, your brand will work harder for you than a sexy logo or catchy tagline. A logo serves as a key symbol of your community, but your brand speaks to much, much more.

Contact Us

If you are tired of having an outdated and under-appreciated image, we’d like to help! Questions are free, so ask away. We’re happy to listen and point you in the right direction.