Wayfinding, branding and communications to help places with people-traffic create purposeful experiences

Community Wayfinding 101 Webinar

Prepare for your next community wayfinding project with the need-to-know information on costs, timelines, opportunities and ROI.

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Social Wayfinding

Have you ever followed someone because you think they’re going to the same place? That’s just one example the social wayfinding that impacts how we plan and navigate places.

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Position Paper

HELP! My Brand Is Out of Control

Your brand is the face of your community. It’s what people see, hear, think and experience when they interact with you. Read More
Case Study

Cleveland Trails

Cleveland’s growing multipurpose trails and cycle network presents a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to experience the city’s neighborhoods. Read More

Welcome (back), Erica!

Welcome back Erica Deutsch, our new Business Development Manager! Erica previously worked for Guide Studio when we were known as Studio Graphique. In those days, she wore numerous hats, starting as office manager before shifting to marketing and then her true passion of sales and business development. Read More