Wayfinding, branding and communications to help places with people-traffic create purposeful experiences

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Public Art as Wayfinding

Wayfinding & public art is a placemaking powerhouse, merging function and artistic ingenuity to take the identity of place to new heights.

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Position Paper

The Connection Between Civic Branding and Economic Development

Successful companies have not only established a strong brand foundation, but have strengthened it over time to meet their consumers’ evolving needs. So, why shouldn’t public sector communities do the same? After all, they’re not just selling a commodity that enhances your life. They’re selling an opportunity to build a life. Read More
Case Study

City of Painesville

A historic community on the rise, the City of Painesville represents a diverse population, quaint neighborhoods, great academic institutions and amenities. Read More

5 Ways to Amplify Your Community’s Brand Story

Digital technology has shifted the way people consume information and media. They won’t find your stories unless you bring them to the right places. Read More