Wayfinding, branding and communications to help places with people-traffic create purposeful experiences

Branding for the Masses

What are the top considerations when developing a community brand for diverse audiences?

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7 Steps for Community Branded Wayfinding

This overview lays out the 7 steps in developing a branded wayfinding program.

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Position Paper

City Seal vs. City Brand

Interpretive signs play an important role in place-based communication, but they can also be underwhelming in today's "connected" world, where people are quick google information or too busy to engage. The role of interpretive signs is evolving along with its audiences, and the typical text-heavy design may not capture their interest or intrigue. Read More
Case Study


Newark is a charming historic city in Central Ohio where families have lived for generations, enjoying the picturesque surroundings and affordable living. Read More

Social Wayfinding: How People Influence Navigation

Question: How do YOU make decisions? Read More