Wayfinding, branding and communications to help places with people-traffic create purposeful experiences

The Quick & Dirty on Design-Build Methods for Signage

Weigh the benefits and risks of the two primary design-build methods before investing in fabrication and installation.

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Improving Your Community Website on a Budget

Refresh your current website with these 5 cost-effective tips.

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Position Paper

Branding for the Masses

Municipal governments are in a difficult position when it comes to branding. Virtually every city has layers of complexity and diversity, and leaders understandably want to reflect all the city has to offer and to be accepted by everyone in the community. But when we try to say or represent too much, we run the risk of representing nothing at all. Read More
Case Study


Newark is a charming historic city in Central Ohio where families have lived for generations, enjoying the picturesque surroundings and affordable living. Read More

7 Steps to a Successful Community-Branded Wayfinding Program

Creating a branded wayfinding program for your community means delivering an experience that people remember. It fosters a positive impression, while guiding visitors to where they want to go. Read More