articulate the intangible

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tell the story

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design the journey

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The User Continuum

User Continuum

At Guide Studio, we define the User Continuum as the holistic brand journey a person has with your place – Before, During and After.

From the first time on your website, to the moment they walk through your door, and the communication that follows – places with people-traffic share the unique challenges of connecting the physical and the virtual for one seamless user experience.

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Design with Direction®

a design-thinking approach

Dig Down


We integrate our team with yours to develop a deep understanding of goals, attributes, obstacles and audiences to build a foundation from which effective strategy and design solutions can form.

Build Up


Once the foundation is laid, we can build. We create the tools, materials and messages that enhance value and speak together with one voice.

Move Forward


Brand tools are most valuable when put into action. We partner with you to ensure that the plan or program is executed in line with your goals and performing successfully.