Project Highlight

City of South Euclid Brand and Sign Program

Project Description

South Euclid’s landscape showed evidence of the economic downturn after the housing crash. Vacant
properties shook the confidence of the inner-ring suburb’s characteristic hardy, resilient nature. Still,
grassroots, sustainability-driven efforts were put in place to renovate vacant homes and transform
empty lots into community gardens. The city needed this progressive message to reach the public
and inspire people to embrace a new South Euclid as home.

With a progressive long-term view, South Euclid selected a logo and tagline that spoke to
its commitment to sustainability, which aligned with the interests and values of prospective
homebuyers. Placemaking efforts like gateway signs, banners and neighborhood identifiers helped
bring the brand to life in the space, and the identity was also carried through into marketing,
advertising and communications.

Project Scope
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Focus Groups & Surveys
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Gateway Signage Design
  • Communication Campaign
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