Arkansas Tech University

With enrollment of over 10,000 students, Arkansas Tech University is the third-largest higher education institution in the state. The university’s increased growth and recognition drove the need for a comprehensive wayfinding program that not only highlights key areas of interest but fosters a well-connected experience from destination to destination, campus to campus.

Project Scope

  • Wayfinding Master Plan
  • Sign Program Concepts & Development
  • Sign Standards

“Not only does Guide Studio bring vast knowledge and experience to the table, but they always make you feel comfortable. They truly listen to your needs, which leads to a superior finished product.”

Greg Long, Vice President

Crafton Tull & Associates

The Problem

Arkansas Tech University has a lot to offer students, faculty, and alumni, but like many schools, it lacked a coordinated sign program that comfortably ushered these audiences from one area to the next. After developing a Master Plan that outlined uniform wayfinding as a necessity, the university’s long-time architecture firm, Crafton Tull & Associates, recommended Guide Studio to help them take their experience and aesthetic to the next level.

“Our biggest concern was bringing in an unknown firm. With Guide Studio, we were immediately put at ease. We felt like we’d worked with them for years.”

– Greg Long, Vice President, Crafton Tull & Associates

The Solution

  • Facilitated multi-day discovery workshops with key stakeholders to develop a Wayfinding Master Plan that underscores the university’s innovative and friendly yet “underdog” personality. The sign system would also utilize the university’s recognizable green, yellow and white color palette.
  • Collaborated with Crafton Tull to explore different gateway/entryway sign family concepts
  • Delivered recommendations for vehicular, pedestrian and multi-modal wayfinding as well as gateway, facility identification, interpretive and other placemaking elements that enhance the university experience
  • Crafted sign standards and directions to support Crafton Tull in successfully implementing the new wayfinding program

The Results

The comprehensive wayfinding program elevates the Arkansas Tech University experience, ensuring every audience can navigate campus with ease and discover the school’s greatest assets. Moreover, our partner, Crafton Tull, gained essential insights and information they needed to make smart, forward-thinking recommendations to university leaders in the future.

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