Cathy Fromet

Creative Problem Solver. Human Map. Fearless in the Face of a Challenge.
Cathy‘s passion and drive for her work has made her a longtime champion for communities and place-based institutions. Over her 20+ years of experience, she has been a designer, strategic consultant, community facilitator and wayfinding expert, giving her a 360-degree perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by places with people-traffic. Her depth of expertise extends beyond design and strategy; she frequently consults on where and how to raise money for public projects, and supports clients in stakeholder engagement.

Starting out as an Environmental Graphic Designer at Guide Studio, Cathy has worked on all aspects of the business before assuming her role as President, in which she oversees business development and relationship management.
Things to Know About Cathy
  • Master of the Google search
  • Mom to 2 intensely creative boys
  • Devours books by the dozen