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Brand Before Plan

We’ll explore the power of Brand Before Plan, using place-based experience and brand as a catalyst for the planning and design of public places. Learn the concepts around this approach and see real examples of how Brand Before Plan has been marketable and profitable for community leaders and private investors.

Finding Your Way Around Wayfinding

Wayfinding is either unnoticed because a place is easy to navigate, or glaringly frustrating because people lose their way. Discover the strategies that promote both simple navigation as well as the ideal user journey.

We don’t keep (trade) secrets.

We speak regularly at events and conferences, such as those put on by the American Planning Association, CEOs for Cities and ANCA (Association of Nature Center Administrators), to name a few. Our talks are experiential, engaging and action-inspiring (or so we’ve been told!).

Topics and talks can be customized for your event and audience. Give us a shout to book Guide Studio for your next event.

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“We love our partnership with Guide Studio – your spirit, passion and creativity have clearly been instrumental to our success!”

T.J. Reagan, BRIM Kitchen + Brewery


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