From virtual to physical, start to finish, and everything in between,
we connect people to place.

Guide Studio is a strategic consultancy that uses branding, marketing and wayfinding to help places with people-traffic create purposeful experiences.

Webinar: Branding for Community

Join us June 20 at 2:30 pm for the need-to-know information on costs, expectations and ROI, and put your brand to work for you.

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Maps: Plotting the Course, Part 2

Learn about the strategies and design principles that promise effective maps.

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Position Paper

Maps: Plotting the Course, Part 1

Ever since curiosity got the best of mankind and we ventured out to discover and explore uncharted territories, maps have been an essential tool for navigating, comprehending and documenting geographic and spatial information. Read More
Case Study

City of Delaware

Despite their impressive growth, City of Delaware was determined to see even more development and economic vitality and engaged Guide Studio to develop a brand and wayfinding system that would help them stand out. Read More
Position Paper

Connecting Neighborhoods Through Wayfinding

We love our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio for a lot of reasons – great people, great business opportunities, great sports, great food. We especially love the abundance of unique neighborhoods and districts to explore within the city’s limits. Read More