From virtual to physical, start to finish, and everything in between, we connect people to place.

Guide Studio is a strategic consultancy that uses branding, marketing and wayfinding to help places with people-traffic create purposeful experiences.

Wayfinding Start Here

You know you need wayfinding, but where do you begin?

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Follow the Sign Standards

Developing sign standards are important for creating consistent and smart sign programs that uphold the design integrity of a space or place.

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Urban Parks Adopt Wayfinding

Wayfinding is trending in urban parks as cities compete for tourist dollars, new businesses and city-dwelling residents. It’s a practical tool for navigation... Read More

10 Tips To Keep Your Project On Time And On Budget

Everyone has had a project that did not go as planned. Things happen and projects that take two months creep into six... Read More
Case Study

Downtown Lakewood Branding & Wayfinding

Through Guide’s partnership with Lakewood Alive, Downtown Lakewood has been able to establish itself as a recognizable district and connecting people with unique destinations to foster cultural and commercial growth... Read More