From virtual to physical, start to finish, and everything in between, we connect people to place.

Guide Studio is a strategic consultancy that uses branding, marketing and wayfinding to help places with people-traffic create purposeful experiences.

The Dangers of Wayfinding Self-Diagnosis

How to differentiate between the symptoms and the root cause of your wayfinding woes for a solution that addresses the actual problem.

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Wayfinding Support for Architects & Planners

Good wayfinding and signage upholds the integrity of the architecture and design. Here’s how we do it.

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"There is No Parking" Myth

We interviewed experienced parking consultant, Chuck Ignatz of GRAELIC, LLC to reveal the most common challenges and misconceptions regarding parking, and talked about how to improve visitor experience. Read More
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Uptown in the Circle

Uptown in the Circle is an established district of Cleveland with a lot going for it: proximity to higher education, premium healthcare facilities, arts and entertainment, and more. Read More

Recruiting The Next Class of Brand Advocates

There are nearly 4,000 colleges and universities across the U.S., and with online education programs on the rise, prospective students have more choices than ever… Read More