From virtual to physical, start to finish, and everything in between, we connect people to place.

Guide Studio is a strategic consultancy that uses branding, marketing and wayfinding to help places with people-traffic create purposeful experiences.

Follow the Sign Standards

If you manage, plan or design for large, complex, campuses such as a College or University, Hospital, or Corporate Office Park or a system of public places such as a Parks or Trails — this webinar is for you.


Pathways for Wayfinding Support

Successful communities invest significant time and resources in creating well-designed, cohesive wayfinding programs to support enjoyable experiences.

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Position Papers

What is a Brand Strategy, anyway?

It may sound like marketing fluff, but brand strategy directly translates into decision-making, design and marketing. Let's drop the jargon for an honest look at what it is and how to use it... Read More

Interpretive Storytelling

An Interpretive Program, as it relates to environmental graphic design, is a system of signs, graphics and other visual elements that share short stories reflecting on the history, people, culture, ecology and architecture of a place... Read More
Case Study

Franciscan University Wayfinding Plan

Franciscan University of Steubenville is a private, Catholic university tucked away in a picturesque small town located along the Ohio River... Read More