West Chester

Case Study

Community Branding, Ohio

West Chester is a thriving township located between Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, favorably situated off I-75. With top-rated schools, diverse amenities, entertainment, and nightlife, this welcoming community lives up to its excellent reputation.


West Chester is a strong township with a positive community standing, however, its existing brand didn’t reflect its current, more refined character. Although West Chester has a robust marketing team, they welcomed the fresh ideas and outside counsel of Guide Studio to help update their brand.

With a healthy economy and reputation, West Chester felt the pressure to maintain a positive trajectory as they charted their growth. Another challenge lied in finding a solution for updating the many branded pieces around the city, including permanent structures, such as sidewalks and the iconic clock tower.


To update West Chester’s traditional brand and identity to match their modern sophistication.


“We wanted a fresh brand and logo that reflected our community and was informed by input from residents and businesses. The brand had to represent both our residential and corporate development because that balance is a big part of our identity.”

Barbara Wilson, Director of Public Information & Engagement, West Chester Township


  • Held two Discovery Workshops with key stakeholders and city representatives to gain a deep understanding of West Chester’s strengths, challenges, and goals.
  • Created a fresh brand identity to articulate what makes them unique, including positioning, brand personality, competitive advantages, and key messages.
  • Produced a new logo that evolved their original mark to a more accurate and modern reflection of West Chester.
  • Developed a thorough communications roadmap to help West Chester reach their audiences, aligning each audience with their preferred distribution channels and meaningful messaging.
  • Mapped out a strategic plan to update and replace all of the materials and areas around the city that use the old brand.
  • Designed branded gateway signage to greet people with the new brand at key entry points.

“They were good advocates for our goals, they heard what we were saying. That’s what you want from any company you work with – to know that they’re listening to you, listening to our focus groups, that they can take all that information and come back with a product that feels like your community.”

Barbara Wilson


  • Successfully created a refreshed look for the Township: one that encompassed the essence of their traditional style yet in a more modern approach.
  • Strategically implemented new signage and brand pieces in a way that worked with West Chester’s budget and capabilities.
  • A sense of new life surged into the traditional brand, increased brand awareness and civic pride.

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