The Rogers Company

Case Study

The Rogers Company knows face-to-face marketing. Since 1945, they’ve been helping businesses tell their brand stories through compelling exhibits and events that cut through the clutter.


Rogers has delivered creative, modern solutions to their clients for over 70 years, but their own sound, look and feel needed a refresh. But instead of a complete transformation, they wanted to protect the brand equity they’d worked so hard to build in the first place and update it to reflect their growth and who they are today.

“We’ve worked so hard to establish great relationships and work, and our brand finally communicates it with more clarity and confidence.”

Rick Busby,President of Rogers

Rogers - Logo
Rogers - Brand Colors


  • Stakeholders from Guide Studio and Rogers came together for a collaborative deep dive to discuss who they are, what they offer and distinct advantages.
  • Developed a new positioning statement and key messages that accurately and authentically characterize the organization as “experiential storytellers.” Not only is this more reflective of their expansive portfolio of services, but it differentiates them from competitors who do not use this phrase or language to define themselves.
  • Created a modern visual identity, including a new logo, tagline and color palette, without losing the brand equity in their 70+ year-old brand by using the same typeface on the logo, but with a three-dimensional depitction of their iconic “r,” which has double-meaning. It can be interpreted as either the Rogers “r”, or as the building blocks of an exhibit or environment.
  • Added new brand design elements, including icons and patterns, that provide more dimension and flexibility to their visual style.
  • Developed comprehensive brand guidelines and key messaging that empower the organization to exhibit their brand elements throughout everything they do and create.

“Guide Studio didn’t just give us a new logo and colors – they gave us a roadmap for telling our story in a way that truly resonates with our audience.”

Rick Busby,President of Rogers

Rogers - Tagline


Today, Rogers has a brand story and platform that capitalizes upon the forward-thinking, cutting-edge experiences they’ve delivered to their clients for decades. As they continue to grow, they have the tools they need to demonstrate their evolution and expertise, while staying true to who they are, and always have been.

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