City of Stamford

Case Study

Branding, Wayfinding

The city of Stamford, Connecticut is a vibrant, inviting city only 25 miles outside of New York City. As the home of one of the largest financial districts in the region and a high concentration of large corporations, including prestigious Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 businesses, this small community transforms into a bustling metropolis every day.


The city of Stamford has fostered an atmosphere of economic growth and success. But, as its residential, business and entertainment districts continued to flourish and expand, the community needed a more effective wayfinding strategy to help its mixed audience of residents and commuters navigate the destination with ease.


  • Collaborated with steering committee for multi-day discovery sessions to uncover goals, brand perceptions and navigational issues. While they said that the new wayfinding program would have the biggest impact on commuters traveling to and from NYC or neighboring suburbs, it also needed to have a positive effect on residents, millennials and other visitors looking to leverage the city’s many amenities.
  • Created a new nomenclature hierarchy to organize the navigational experience. We divided Stamford into three distinct districts: Downtown (the northern area composed of entertainment, businesses and parking), the Waterfront (the southern end of the city made up of parks, residential development and the waterway), and the Transportation Center, which is nestled right in between the north and south ends of the city.
  • Leveraging Stamford’s new and modern brand elements (logo, color palette and typography), the team developed comprehensive vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding designs, including gateway signs, directional signage for both modes of transit, parking identification signs, kiosk signs and more.
  • Organized signage through district identifier colors and patterns to intuitively guide people to desired destinations. A bright green color and vertical stripes were used for Downtown, teal and horizontal stripes for the Waterfront, and a dark blue color plus the “P” symbol for parking.
  • Playing off the “I Amsterdam” tourist hot spot or the iconic Cleveland script signs, we designed a “STAM-FORD!” photo opp sign to support the community’s placemaking efforts.

“Guide Studio created a fresh and inspiring wayfinding plan for the City of Stamford. It beautifully captures the spirit and energy of our thriving city, and we look forward to continuing our partnership as our needs and desires evolve.”

John R. Varamo Jr.,Program Manager, City of Stamford


As Stamford continues to attract economic investment, new residents and commuters, the new wayfinding strategy not only helps people navigate everything it has to offer, but establishes the sense of place they lacked in years past. As they implement the new program in phases, the unique design and sign standards will make it easy for city officials to implement throughout the city. Most importantly, it gives people a reason to explore and experience this thriving community.

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