Orange Township

Case Study

Branding, Wayfinding

Located in Delaware County, Ohio, Orange Township is an ideal location for businesses and residents looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Columbus. Designed with families in mind, Orange Township provides people with the resources of a big city, but also the comforts and conveniences of a suburb.


Orange Township has a great reputation. Family-oriented, centrally-located, active and peaceful are all words used to describe this quaint community. The problem: People didn’t quite know where the township started or ended. Sometimes, they didn’t even realize they were in Orange Township at all.

This lack of brand identity and clear boundaries are common challenges, especially for townships located near a big city. But to continue attracting residents and economic investment, they needed to put their stake in the ground and build a brand that reflects all they have to offer.

“The second phase will include implementation and key strategy elements. In addition to community image, I look forward to building on the first phase by bringing balance and focus to our business and economic identity.”

Ryan Rivers, Vice Chairman, Orange Township Trustees


  • Collaborated with local stakeholders, a steering committee and government officials for brand discovery workshops to uncover goals, brand perceptions and challenges. During these sessions, community members expressed immense pride for their hometown.
  • Uncovered the township’s distinct advantages: Central to life, family-oriented, active and attractive, and excellent schools. These key attributes became the foundation for the new brand work.
  • Developed a new brand framework, including a positioning statement that elevates the community’s advantages and helps to differentiate it from surrounding communities. The ultimate takeaway: Orange Township delivers a family-first lifestyle.
  • Created a new logo mark and color palette that encapsulates Orange Township’s personality and backdrop. Inspired by the community’s beautiful foliage and natural landscapes, a small orange leaf adds a charming touch to the modern logo and serves as a nod to the previous logo.
  • Delivered brand guidelines to help the community move into the next phase of brand implementation later in 2019.

“People had no sense of place when they were in Orange Township. With the help of Guide Studio, we not only created a new visual identity, but, for the first time, we engaged the community in a dialogue about who we are, what we do and why people should consider us. We discovered how much people care about this place and this gives us a great platform to build on for the future.”

Lee Bodnar, Township Administrator


The new brand look and feel is just the start for Orange Township. Residents and businesses alike reacted with overwhelming positivity. The new logo has reinvigorated their pride as the community moves into the next stage of their placemaking journey.

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