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Guide Studio is a leading strategic consultancy that uses branding, marketing and wayfinding to help places with people traffic create purposeful experiences. From virtual to physical, start to finish, and everything in between, the Guide Studio team works to connect people to place.


Launched in 1997, Studio Graphique began as a small traditional and environmental graphic design firm, but over the past 20 years, we have evolved into a strategic consultancy and expanded to include branding, wayfinding and marketing services. Additionally, we’ve identified our niche clientele – places with people traffic, including cities and communities, civic organizations, parks and trails, educational institutions, hospital campuses, venues and other other destination. While Studio Graphique had some valuable brand equity, it no longer aligned with the firm and who have become.

“Aside from having a few clients always shorten our name to Studio, or mispronounce ‘Graphique,’ our experience told us we weren’t a small boutique graphic design firm anymore. In these moments of self reflection, we knew that a simple brand refresh wouldn’t be able to convey the breadth and depth of our growth and evolution.”

Cathy Fromet,Managing Principal, Guide Studio

Guide Studio Logo

The new logo for Guide Studio consists of only two colors and very simple shapes. This new, more modern form, is more on point with the evolution of this company over the past 20 years.

Guide 20th Anniversary

This year Guide Studio also celebrates its 20th anniversary!


Applying the same methods we use with our clients, we set out to create a dynamic brand that not only demonstrates who we are today, but also has the flexibility to adapt as we continue to grow.

  • A new name: using companywide affinity mapping exercises, and client/partner surveys we selected a name that aligned well with our brand Purpose, was workable visually, and offered a good standing in the marketplace: Guide Studio. “Guide” speaks to our ego-free, collaborative working style, while “Studio” pays homage to our design expertise and original brand name.
  • Visual identity: as we do with our clients, the entire design team proposed various design concepts using the new name, until we landed on a visual that incorporated the arrow – an important component to our Design with Direction TM process – as well as our wayfinding services. The new color palette reflects that of Studio Graphique, but gave more prominence to the teal and downplayed the red for a fresher more modern look.
  • Website refresh: we designed and developed a new website to incorporate the new brand, and architected a site that led our visitors through the site journey we wanted to them to have. A more sophisticated navigation bar and relevant calls-to- action invite visitors to do something and help them find what they’re looking for.
  • Launch: We wanted to share our excitement, while assuring clients that this would not disrupt business. For a month prior launch, we teased a brand refresh without giving away the new name. Then, at go-time, we had a consistent and robust stream of colorful and engaging communications, both digital and print, that reached our audiences over the course of the launch month. This way, they were sure to hear about the updates and be reminded of it over time so there was no confusion.

“Taking the time to establish the brand foundation beforehand really paid off. After 20 years of the same brand, it’s easy to cut corners, but our upfront investment in the identity, messaging and planning made it possible for us to do quality work in short order.”

Cathy Fromet


Guide Studio Website


More Site Visitors


Increase in Web Traffic in Q1


Increase in Subscribers

Beyond the metrics, we received an outpour of compliments and support for our brand refresh. The transition felt very natural, both internally and to our clients, because the name and brand were so on-point with our business and our people.

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Case Study

Guide Studio Rebranding & Marketing

Guide Studio is a leading strategic consultancy that uses branding, marketing and wayfinding to help places with people traffic create purposeful experiences. From virtual to physical, start to finish,.. Read More