Downtown Lakewood Branding & Wayfinding

Case Study

Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Branded Environment, Sign System, Vehicular Signage

Lakewood Alive is an economic development organization that supports the Northeast Ohio city of Lakewood’s vibrant neighborhoods by connecting people with unique destinations to foster cultural and commercial growth.


Downtown Lakewood is known for it’s independent restaurants, unique storefronts and specialty shops. While the area is lively, the condensed city layout had navigational issues, amplified by a lack of parking signage. Furthermore, visitors and residents did not refer to the district as Downtown Lakewood, which presented an opportunity to align the distinct downtown experience with a strong brand identity.

“Some people didn’t even know that parking existed in the area. We needed reliable signage that could guide visitors to the essential places they needed to experience.”

Ian Andrews,Executive Director at Lakewood Alive

Downtown Lakewood Logo
Downtown Lakewood Concept Sketches


  • Guide Studio prioritized the signage strategy to address the parking issue. Parking directionals were placed on signage that clearly identified which destinations the lot served, giving visitors the ability to get a feel for where to park simply by knowing their destination.
  • The authentic personality of the district was embodied in a new logo that was designed to both appropriate for signage and in other applications. This flexibility made it simple to add the logo to nearly all their new signs for brand consistency throughout the downtown area.
  • Secondary entrances to the district were identified and branded banners were installed at these points, which helps define the district’s footprint and signal visitors that they have arrived.

“Guide Studio had a good team that clearly understood the vision we were trying to capture. The process was streamlined, and I knew that when I reached out, they would be responsive.”

Ian Andrews,Executive Director at Lakewood Alive


Downtown Lakewood Signage

Through Guide’s partnership with Lakewood Alive, Downtown Lakewood has been able to establish itself as a recognizable district. Visitors have a much easier time getting around and have a clear sense of when they’ve entered the Downtown area.

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