Case Study


Davenport is the largest and most diverse community within the Quad Cities region. Equally urban and rural, the city is made up of many unique neighborhoods that own a distinct identity, culture and personality. People from all walks of life can find their perfect fit while connecting with others who appreciate this quintessential, Midwestern experience.


Despite its tremendous growth and diverse amenities, Davenport wasn’t viewed as the progressive metropolis it had become in recent years. Misperceptions clouded the real view of the city and they needed a brand that not only illuminated major strengths, but also positioned the city as the progressing, vibrant, urban hub in the region.


Create a brand that champions the city’s history, urban amenities and Midwest vibes, and adds fuel to their growth trajectory.


We collaborated with a team of civic leaders, residents (from the downtown to the rural neighborhoods) and business owners to rediscover a brand that reflects who they are today, the strength and resilience that defines the city’s character, and where they intend to be in the future. Discussions revealed the need to balance the community’s friendly, affable personality with its big city grit, determination and opportunities. The new brand achieves this with modest, down-to-earth messaging that is complimented by a fresh, modern logo.

    • Defined distinct advantages and key messaging to be utilized throughout communications, including what was identified as Diverse Landscape, Midwestern Values, Opportunity Abounds, and City Gritty.
    • Developed a new visual identity with a bold, upright typeface that conveys the city’s resilience – their incredible ability to not only rise up, but rise above hardship (in their case: devastating floods) with enhanced fortitude.
    • Balanced the logo’s strong type with a soft, circular icon that represents the Skybridge – a landmark unique to Davenport. The bridge illustration also symbolizes the community’s connection to the Diverse Landscape (city and countryside), creating a unified Davenport.
    • Modernized Davenport’s traditional color palette with strong, yet unpretentious colors to strengthen the brand identity.
    • In addition to the primary Sans Serif font, offered a secondary Script font to amplify personality in more casual, light-hearted communications.
    • Created graphic elements inspired by Davenport’s hand-painted murals, riverfront and people.


Already present on the community’s website and social media pages, Davenport plans to paint the new brand across other assets, including signage, to signify their unity and pride. They believe the new platform will help unify the different neighborhoods within the city and serve as a guiding star for the future.

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