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The founders of BRIM, a restaurant and brewpub in downtown Willoughby, Ohio, recognized that they needed to be different if they were going to fill their large space with regulars and newcomers every day. With the help of the brand platform built in collaboration with Guide Studio, BRIM can ultimately hold its own in a busy market because the brand represents more than the food and drinks they serve.


It’s an all-too-common question: Where should we go out to eat? While there is no shortage of options, the abundance of choices creates big challenges for new restaurants trying to pull customers their way. While the four partners had a clear vision for the form and function of their restaurant, they needed to align it with a solid brand strategy that communicates BRIM’s distinct value in an already-crowded marketplace.

“I worked with Guide Studio back in 1998 and since then, their team, network, clientele and expertise has only grown. They have a clear roadmap for understanding a client’s vision and translating it into strategy and creative design that delivers results. I knew I could trust them to dial in on the brand that we needed to bring our concept to life.”

T.J. Reagan,Co-owner and Founder of BRIM

BRIM Logo and Landing Page

Original Logo Design and Landing Page by Guide Studio

BRIM Drink Menus

Custom Menu Designs by Guide Studio


  • Naming: Brand decisions were based on the owners’ vision: a well balanced and clean, yet comfortable, dining atmosphere that leaves everyone feeling full (with food, drink and happiness) when they leave. “Kitchen and Brewery” was added to the name to clarify that they serve both food & drink. With transparency being so important to the owners, a clear brand name was essential for setting customers’ expectations and bringing them through the door.
  • Positioning: Internal positioning was developed to support decision-making and align the staff with the owners’ vision and expectations. External positioning was also developed to speak directly to patrons – found on the homepage of the website, describing how BRIM understands the need to find balance in life and delivers on that by providing people with fresh, clean food and drink options in a comfortable atmosphere. The short-form tagline, “Full glass. Full plate. Full heart,” gets straight to the point, illuminating exactly what BRIM provides and how it makes people feel.
  • Identity: Guide Studio enhanced the concept-ready logo with new colors and included texture – metal and wood – to align with the sleek and modern vibe. Flexibility is extremely important given the ever-changing restaurant industry.
  • Menu: BRIM’s transparency theme inspired Guide Studio’s menu design and copywriting decisions. All of the food, brews and signature drinks’ ingredients and preparations are listed clearly and incorporates some fun descriptions to tie in BRIM’s fun, light-hearted brand personality.

“Guide Studio transformed our building blocks into a solid brand foundation that stabilized us in the short-term and set the stage for long-term success. Their ability to understand our brand vision and bring it to life cohesively across every touch point has been essential.”

T.J. Reagan,Co-owner and Founder of BRIM


Whether BRIM’s owners decide to expand to new locations or enhance the current one, the brand platform can be used to ensure the restaurant continues to exceed customers’ expectations. From the food and drinks to the ambiance and customer service, BRIM Kitchen + Brewery is an easy choice for patrons who desire a quality culinary and beverage experience.

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