An affordable way to kick-off your wayfinding & signage program

Wayfinding Analysis

A Wayfinding Analysis is the first step in any wayfinding and signage initiative to determine what kind of program you need and how much it’s going to cost, from start to finish.

Determining your wayfinding needs

A Wayfinding Analysis is the first step in any Wayfinding Master Plan and Sign Program, and a necessary step to determine the size and type of program you need.

We have refined this process to help you pre-plan for a signage and wayfinding initiative. Whether you need to garner support or apply for grants, this analysis provides a comprehensive view of your wayfinding needs and the costs, from strategy and design to fabrication.

A Wayfinding Analysis and Report answers the most important questions:

  • What type of wayfinding program do we need?
  • What types of signs or tools will be necessary?
  • How many of each of these sign types will we need? What could they cost?
  • What other steps and costs will be associated with developing this Wayfinding Program?
  • What are some potential methods for financing and implementing this program?

This report contains recommendations for pedestrian, vehicular, multi-modal, gateway and placemaking signage, next steps, as well as budgets and timelines to give you the best possible head start. And if you decide to work with Guide Studio on the recommendations from the report, we deduct the cost of the Wayfinding Analysis from your project fees.

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