Kevin Fromet

Practical problem-solver. Full-blown perfectionist. Tortured Cleveland sports fan.
Kevin has always been fascinated with the creative process. Even as a kid, he would sketch logos for the next NFL team or tour construction sites to see how architectural drawings transformed into three-dimensional spaces. Once he realized that he wasn’t going to be Cleveland’s next professional sports hero, Kevin pursued a degree in architecture, before transitioning to visual communication design, where he fell in love with EGD (environmental graphic design). Prior to Guide Studio, he spent eleven years as a design consultant for an international architectural signage company, where he became well versed in the fabrication process, techniques and materials.

As a designer with a background in fabrication, Kevin strikes a healthy balance of creativity and practicality, and has a knack for creating innovative solutions with a high degree of functionality. Furthermore, his many years as a loyal Cleveland sports fan have only strengthened his incredible ability to persevere through the toughest challenges.
Things to Know About Kevin
  • Father of two boys
  • Contributor/designer for Cleveland-based sports blog
  • Certified AIA Continuing Education Presenter (An Overview of the ADA and its Accessibility Guidelines for Signage)