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Simply put, wayfinding helps people navigate a place without getting lost or confused. Whether on foot, in cars or on bikes, wayfinding removes the ambiguity of getting from one point to another, so people can enjoy the journey.

Wayfinding Services

Wayfinding Master Plan

Good wayfinding transcends navigation to help establish a sense of place. At Guide Studio, we put ourselves in the users’ shoes to consider all the variables needed for a successful journey and map out a functional wayfinding program that builds on the ideal user experience.

wayfinding audit | stakeholder & public engagement | sign system planning
Signage and Graphics Program Design

Signage and environmental graphics enhance space, communicate a brand story and make people feel comfortable in your place.

branded environment | interpretative sign program | site assessment | sign system design | nomenclature | sign program documentation
Sign Standards

Sign Standards record the choices, details and decisions related to a wayfinding and sign system. Whether you are documenting an existing sign system or a new system, guidelines can be life-saving to any wayfinding program, ensuring that future decisions align for a consistent and easily navigable experience.

sign program audit

Implementation is the process through which your graphics or signs are fabricated and installed. This final step can be complicated, involving third parties and long timelines. Guide Studio ensures that your designs turn into high quality signs, and your vision turns into the reality.

implementation planning | bid & implementation management

“Guide Studio was very responsive to our needs and they have a great history of working with institutions like ours. They understand our branding and need for consistency.”

Tom Federico , Cleveland Clinic
Case Study

Ohio City Wayfinding

Ohio City is an eclectic urban neighborhood on the near west side of Downtown Cleveland, established in 1836. Proud of its rich heritage

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Case Study

University Circle Wayfinding

University Circle is a center of innovation in medicine, education and culture—a district rich with historical landmarks, parks, restaurants…

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Case Study

Cuyahoga Community College Wayfinding

Tri-C is Ohio’s first community college, and the state’s oldest and largest public community college. It offers more than 1,000 credit courses

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