How to Improve Your City's Image

Branding is not just a logo

A lot of people think branding is a waste of time and money because they assume it’s just a logo refresh and a couple of new signs. That attitude not only hurts your city’s branding -- but more importantly, it hurts your city’s growth.



Cathy Fromet
President of Guide Studio
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In our upcoming webinar, we are going to explain the process that successful cities go through to uncover the things that make their city great -- and how to communicate that effectively to the world. It’s more than a logo, branding is a blueprint for your success. It can be a way to drive growth, investments, and ultimately transform your city.

Those who are planners and managers of cities and public places often have tons to keep track of and we see many communities struggle with how they present their image and communicate their stories. It’s not your fault -- but you’re missing out on a key tool that can completely transform the image of your city.  Community branding is so important. It gives your city a unified template that reinforces everything you do.