Welcome (back), Erica!


Welcome back Erica Deutsch, our new Business Development Manager! Erica previously worked for Guide Studio when we were known as Studio Graphique. In those days, she wore numerous hats, starting as office manager before shifting to marketing and then her true passion of sales and business development. After leaving Guide to pursue another opportunity, Erica returned to us in July, ready to help find new business for the company.

We’re happy to have her back!


What were your duties with Guide Studio when it was Studio Graphique?

I started here as an office manager. After a few years, I shifted into a marketing role where I managed all marketing activities, such as the newsletter, portfolio, and website updates. I then transitioned into business development and sales, which was a more client-facing role.

How did you grow professionally during your first stint with us?

I learned about relationship building and hearing what clients have to say so we can translate that into a service. Wayfinding and branding are processes clients don’t go through very often, so there’s education involved too, what we call “nurturing” a prospective client.

I started off as an employee that had an internal role in the company and transitioned into someone who presents on behalf of the company. It was a 180-degree role change and something I didn’t know I wanted to do, but it seemed to be the right fit. I love being around people and creating relationships, creating bonds with clients and getting to know them on a personal level, which helps build understanding and trust.

Before returning to Guide you worked for an architecture firm. What did you learn with the firm that supports your mission here at Guide?

I focused on building compelling RFPs, but there was not a lot of client interaction. What’s interesting is that now, at Guide, I work with clients and many of them are architects and developers! Having been on the inside of an architecture firm, I’ve learned a lot about how they operate, think, and work, so I am well-equipped to work with them in a different capacity at Guide.

What brought you back to Guide?

I wanted to get back to creating relationships with people – meeting clients, going to conferences, and representing the company. That’s my passion!

You are one of three current ‘boomerangers’ who returned to Guide after time away. What is it about Guide that makes people want to come back?

There’s a culture here that makes people want to be a part of it, and I think we all missed it when we left. The small firm atmosphere is part of what attracted me back. There are ten of us here and I like the level of collaboration we have as a niche boutique firm. It nurtures camaraderie and gives us each a lot of opportunities to influence the business in a positive way.


What’s your story? We’d love to hear it.

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