University Heights Council Looking to Brand the City

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS – As a new administration prepares to take office, City Council is looking to take the opportunity of that fresh start to brand the city.

At a council Civic Information Committee meeting held Thursday, Cathy Fromet, [President] of Guide Studio, spoke of the approaches the city could take in identifying itself and setting it apart from other communities.

Committee Chairman and Councilman John Rach said council plans to call on other firms in the business of marketing communities.

Guide Studio, formerly known as Studio Graphique, is based at Shaker Square and, in 2013, handled a branding, messaging and communications campaign for the city of South Euclid.

“I like what they did in South Euclid,” Rach said.

At the meeting, council members and Mayor-elect Michael Dylan Brennan gave their thoughts about what University Heights needs.

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