Delaware County Launches New Logo

DELAWARE, Ohio — The Delaware County Board of Commissioners today approved a new logo for the County:

Delaware County New Logo

Jeff Benton, president of the Board of Commissioners, said the project has been on the drawing board for a long time and it is satisfying to see the project finally come to completion.

“Our old logo served us well for many decades,” Benton said of the previous interlocking-ring logo, “but we felt we needed something that expresses even more about who we are as a County and how positive we feel about what a great place this is for our residents, our business owners and our visitors.”

The new logo features an outline of the county within an outline of the state, with a tri-color background of green, blue and gold, which respectively represent Delaware County’s farmland and parks, its rivers and lakes, and a sunburst that symbolizes optimism about the County’s present and future.

“In surveying our residents, staff members and elected officials, we learned that we place tremendous value on the high quality of life we enjoy here in Delaware County,” said Delaware County Communications Manager Jane Hawes, who served as manager for the project. “This is a community that our longtime residents have worked hard to make a safe, healthy and affordable place to live and work, and our newer residents and business owners have moved here specifically because of these factors.”

The project began almost one year ago on June 30, 2016, when the County issued a Request for Proposals for its branding project. The County received 25 proposals in response and signed a $45,150 contract on Sept. 26, 2016, with Studio Graphique, Inc., which earlier this year rebranded itself as Guide Studio. The Cleveland-based firm worked with County staff members over the last nine months to develop the new “primary mark” or logo, as well as customized marks that will be used by other elected officials’ offices.

Some of these variations include:

“A county is a unique form of government,” Hawes explained, “in that we have 15 different elected officials and it’s entirely up to each of them how they choose to visually represent their office. Some will continue to use the logos they have had for many years, while others are adopting either the new logo or a variation of it.”

While the new logo will appear immediately on much of the County’s correspondence and social media, roll-out in all its forms will take place over the rest of the year.

“We need to be cost-conservative about how we replace old stationery, vehicle decals, signage and other items where the old logo is in place,” Hawes said. “We’ll use up existing supplies as much as possible before replacing them. We have allocated $5,000 for initial supply replacements and we anticipate it will take another $5,000 over time to replace everything.”

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