Brand Before Plan

Leveraging Community Brand to Improve Strategic and Comprehensive Planning

Wednesday, August 28 at 2pm

What makes some public places successful while others struggle? Is it money? Location? Or simply luck? While all of these advantages can play a role, they are only one piece of the puzzle. Successful communities and destinations leverage a strong brand to guide and influence planning initiatives, attract private development, and win public funding to enhance, expand, and evolve their place.

Branding before planning makes it easier to conceive a vision that stakeholders can agree with and advocate for; prioritize recommendations and projects that are authentic and relevant; and thus attract like-minded and aligned investors.

In this webinar, we explain and demonstrate how to use your brand tools and user-centric design strategy to streamline the planning process and get better results.

  • Using brand to influence planning for human-centric design.
  • Establishing a shared vision and alignment among stakeholders.
  • Leveraging brand to garner community support and public & private investment.

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