5 Tips for Designing Branded Environments that People Love

Top considerations for transferring your brand into a physical place

Civic Communications Q&A: Meet Jody Roberts, Communications Manager for the City of Hudson, Ohio

This is the first in a series of interviews with civic leaders and staff who manage communications for their community. Learn from peers and gather insight on how others, who face similar challenges, are managing their communications.
This is the first in a series of interviews with civic leaders and staff who manage communications for their community....
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Best practices for communicating with your community in the age of COVID-19

How many emails have you received with COVID-19 in the subject line? Is anyone not talking about it on Facebook? ...
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Getting Buy-In for Your Civic Rebrand

Leaders share key strategies to sway stakeholders
Your brand is the face of your community. It’s what people see, hear, think and experience when they interact with you....
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5 Tips to Improve Your Community Website Without a Big Budget

Municipal websites are complicated and often painful to navigate; and if you can feel it, so can your website users. Various departments, pages upon pages of downloadable pdfs and forms, news from years ago that is no longer relevant, not mobile-friendly, outdated designs, clumsy code – the list goes on. Many municipal websites share similar challenges because it can be difficult to find the time, man-power, and funding to keep up with the latest technology or build a new site....

The Quick & Dirty on Design-Build Methods for Signage

Developing sign concepts is fun. Selecting color palettes, toying with design and determining the size and shape – it’s the creative process that brings a vision to life! But at some point, those carefully crafted designs need to be fabricated into real signs and installed...

7 Steps to a Successful Community-Branded Wayfinding Program

Creating a branded wayfinding program for your community means delivering an experience that people remember. It fosters a positive impression, while guiding visitors to where they want to go....