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Community Brand Identity and the Power of Design

How to develop a community logo that leaves a lasting impression
Creating feelings around brands is a big part of what we do as graphic designers. Of course, everything we craft must be aesthetically appealing and read well, but it also has to make you feel something positive, even if you can’t put your finger on why or how this is accomplished. ...

Brand Before Plan

Leveraging Community Brand to Improve Strategic and Comprehensive Planning
Branding before planning makes it easier to conceive a vision that stakeholders can agree with and advocate for...
Position Papers

HELP! My Brand Is Out of Control

Smart strategies for bringing your civic brand back together
Your brand is the face of your community. It’s what people see, hear, think and experience when they interact with you....

Meet Fulbright Scholar & Guide Studio Intern, Yuliya Fedorovych

Yuliya is from Ukraine and is earning her graduate degree at The University of Notre Dame on a Fulbright Scholarship. This summer, she joins the Guide team to learn more about wayfinding, essentially a foreign concept in her native land. ...

Size Doesn’t Matter (in Wayfinding)

How even small spaces benefit from smart wayfinding
Placemaking is the connective tissue that strengthens the bond between people and place....
Position Papers

Find Your People: Developing a Brand for Diverse Audiences

Key considerations when civic branding in diverse or varied communities.
Whether you’re a skilled marketer or new to the game, you’ve probably been taught the art and science of the “4 Ps”: Product, Price, Promotion and Place....

‘This Week’ Features Upcoming Reynoldsburg Branding Work

Check out this This Week article about the city of Reynoldsburg’s rebranding efforts....