Position Papers

Power of Place

"When a story is told about a person, or through her lens and experience, it’s easier to relate to." ...

The ‘hierarchy of information’ is a key signage component

Nobody wins when the end-user experience disappoints, so it’s important to be particular about the partners supporting your project.

Making a Good First Impression with Great Website Design

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Sounds harsh, but it’s true...

How to Translate Brands for Signage

Despite demand for digital everything, physical signs have held their position as one of the most important brand tools...

How to Protect Your Community’s Brand

Your guide to successfully policing your civic brand identity
What does ‘brand success’ mean to you? Do you want to stir pride in folks when...

5 Tips for Healthier Wayfinding in Hospitals

Enhancing patient experiences through wayfinding
“I love going to the hospital.” – Said no one…ever. Whether you’re the patient or a visitor...

Cleveland.com shares the new University Heights brand

This cleveland.com article captures the highlights from the city council meeting in which...