Design that Draws Emotion

How smart brand design can evoke positive feelings about your community
You know that your brand is extremely important. It’s what distinguishes you among a sea of competitors. But what many people forget is there's more to a successful brand than high-quality products and features, or a beautiful logo. ...

5 Tips for More Creative and Engaging Interpretative Signage

How to use interpretive signage to capture their attention and strengthen brand character
Interpretive signs play an important role in place-based communication, but they can also be underwhelming in today's "connected" world, where people are quick google information or too busy to engage. The role of interpretive signs is evolving along with its audiences, and the typical text-heavy design may not capture their interest or intrigue. ...

Smart Business – Branding is critical for civic and business leaders

Cathy Fromet, President of Guide Studio, is featured in Smart Business this month, writing on the topic of community branding for economic impact....
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Wayfinding Technology

The Advantages and Challenges of Wayfinding in a Digital World
Technology in wayfinding is here to stay. Yet, is it always the right solution? When does technology in wayfinding make sense? And how does it impact the visitor experience?...

Where’s Your Community Pride?

Getting people to rally around their town, big or small, isn’t as easy as it used to be.
Do you love where you live? Do you get excited to welcome people into your town or community? What spaces do you take them to visit?...
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How to Write an RFP

That will attract qualified firms
Creating feelings around brands is a big part of what we do as graphic designers. Of course, everything we craft must be aesthetically appealing and read well, but it also has to make you feel something positive, even if you can’t put your finger on why or how this is accomplished....

Community Wayfinding 101

Finding Your Way Around Wayfinding
Join us on Wednesday, October 23 at 2pm to prepare to tackle a wayfinding project with need-to-know information on costs, timelines, challenges and ROI...