Saint Ignatius Branded Environment

Case Study

Branded Environment, Design-Build, Fabrication

St. Ignatius is an all-boys college preparatory school located in Ohio City with more than 1,500 students from 100 cities across Northeast Ohio. The school is a state leader in academics and sports and students work for peace and social justice, living by the motto, Men for Others. With active alumni and an engaged student body, St. Ignatius is a grand source of pride.


St. Ignatius has a rich history spanning more than a century, and during that time the school has curated a host of awards, photographs and other treasures. These special pieces represent the St. Ignatius tradition; however, many of the artifacts were collecting dust or displayed at random. The school desired a dedicated gallery space to showcase and pay tribute to its pride-evoking memorabilia.

Having already worked with Guide Studio on campus wayfinding, St. Ignatius returned for help designing and implementing a hall of fame-style space, called The Bentley Gallery.

“Many of our alumni awards were hidden away in archives or random places across campus, and we lacked a dedicated area to showcase them.”

Angela LoBue,Manager of Communications, St. Ignatius

St. Ignatius High School


  • Guide Studio helped the school identify a workable space to convert into The Bentley Gallery that had a lot of foot-traffic and would be highly visible to students and visitors.
  • The design direction was uniquely catered to the space included monitors to stream school videos, display cases to hold precious artifacts and magnetic wall panels that allow the school to update awards, stories and announcements.
  • Guide Studio mapped out and executed a fabrication and installation schedule to manage the steps from start to finish, including a solution to a materials issue to ensure secure installation.

“They understood the meaning and purpose behind the gallery and were committed to troubleshooting any last-minute issues that would stand in the way of the project’s success.”

Angela LoBue,Manager of Communications, St. Ignatius

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