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Heritage Ohio is the state’s official historic preservation organization based in Columbus, Ohio. The organization protects and reenergizes historic places throughout Ohio, but lacked the tools needed to connect with their diverse audience effectively. Through a partnership with Guide Studio, Heritage Ohio re-vamped their brand and developed a communications plan to help them both expand and deepen their reach, engagement and level of brand awareness.


Create a sustainable communication plan that actively builds Heritage Ohio’s audience while keeping them actively engaged with the brand.


While Heritage Ohio has been praised for the passion brought to their work, the broader preservation efforts were misunderstood within the brand. Heritage Ohio required a brand refresh and with the ability to share their story in ways that showcased the extent of their work.

FHeritage Ohio Logo

Logo design by Guide Studio.

Heritage Ohio Stationery & Business Card

Stationery & business card designs by Guide Studio.


  • A brand-messaging platform that included the tagline “Vital Places. Vibrant Communities” and a succinct memorable description that resonates with their audience. The positioning created in the platform focused on speaking to how Heritage Ohio continuously works to be the go-to for those who care about preservation.
  • The new, vibrantly colored logo is a stark contrast from the previous logo, and signals its connection to diverse communities across the state. The focal point is an image of Ohio with multicolored patches, similar to an ornate patchwork quilt, that join together, illustrating both state unity and community individuality at the same time.
  • Given the organization’s broad audience, Guide Studio created a plan that covered how to leverage a range of traditional and digital communication tools, outlining their purpose and recommended content, tone and frequency.
  • Successful launch of a weekly e-newsletter that allowed the brand to touch base with its followers and new members. The flexibility to alternate between perseveration and revitalization topics provides more in-depth content on each topic.

“From the get-go, Guide Studio had a pulse on our audience and design vision. They had a history of working with like-minded organizations and communities in our network. We were confident that they could help us evolve our brand to meet key business objectives.”

Joyce Barrett,Executive Director of Heritage Ohio


Heritage Ohio Newsletter


Subscribers for the Enewsletter


Open Rates (higher than average weekly email open rates)

“Everything from our messaging and imagery to our color palette brings so much more energy to all that we do, helping us build tremendous momentum with the communities we work with.”

Joyce Barrett,Executive Director of Heritage Ohio

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