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Delaware is a small town in central Ohio with a growing downtown that draws urbanites from Columbus. Its thriving historic district and neighborhoods differentiate Delaware from other Main Street towns, as an authentic, visitor-friendly destination with a distinct charm.


The City of Delaware is a unique community, including farmland, small town charm and college town energy. The downtown area was also a destination offering historic charm, hip dining spots, eclectic retail and other local attractions. The traditional small town is close to Columbus but sat in the shadow of the sister city. Delaware had its own story to tell – a complex story that embraces the mish-mosh of culture, landscape and attractions that make it a place to live, visit and invest in.

“We have recreated our thriving Historic Downtown and its surrounding historic neighborhoods. We have an effective Main Street organization that is envied around the state. We enjoy favorable demographics, including a growing affluent commuter population. However, we are also competing with Dublin and Westerville for visitors, all of which have more attractive and sophisticated downtown landscaping and wayfinding.”

Roger Koch,Delaware Historic Preservation Commission

City of Delaware Logo


  • The city needed to develop brand messaging toward target audiences to communicate its unique offering. Surveys and Discovery sessions were conducted to gather insights and perspective from both area-stakeholders and the general public for an accurate understanding of their perceptions and desires.
  • A strong and adaptable visual identity was created with a family of badges for the city’s various city amenities. Furthermore, the designs were adapted for a wayfinding and signage program throughout the city.
  • Communication templates and Brand Guidelines were developed to support the various entities leveraging the brand to ensure consistency across citywide efforts.

“We have recreated our thriving Downtown and its surrounding historic neighborhoods.”

Roger Koch, Delaware Historic Preservation Commission

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