Caroline Chaikin

Word-smither. Knowledge-seeker. Romantic pragmatist.
Whether printed in a literary magazine or on the back of a cereal box, Caroline loves a good story. Her background in literature and creative writing led her to begin a career in publishing and content acquisitions before transitioning into content marketing and communications. Caroline’s in-house and consultancy experience extends from nonprofit to corporate, where she has built a career on uncovering relatable stories that help clients connect with their audiences.

In her time at Guide Studio, Caroline has developed brand strategies for various civic entities and places with people-traffic, from counties to entertainment districts, both in and out of state, and supports the launch and nurturing of those brands with comprehensive marketing and communications plans. She loves the opportunity to unearth and articulate the unique qualities that make our clients stand out, and believes in finding an honest platform from which to communicate brand value.
Things to Know About Caroline
  • Mother of three small comedians
  • Amateur cellist
  • Appreciates historic dramas and PBS programming