How to Market Without a Marketing Department

For Cities and Communities | Thursday, June 8 | 2:00–3:00pm

Whether you are flying solo or have the support of a colleague, marketing to a broad constituency is no easy job. Large diverse audiences, public perceptions, lofty goals and modest budgets are compounded by the fact that most communities do not have a fully staffed marketing team…or even one dedicated resource.

In this webinar, we discuss the opportunities for making the most of your marketing efforts without the support of a marketing team, and arm you with practical tools to get started.

Speaking of modest budgets…
APA attendees who participate in the webinar will receive 15% off any marketing services kicked off in June and July 2017.


Caroline Chaikin, Marketing Communications Director at Guide Studio


Caroline has dedicated her 15-year career to the art of storytelling, both in publishing and marketing. Her in-house and consultancy experience extends from nonprofit to corporate, with a special appreciation for entrepreneurial projects and startups (having been an employee, consultant and investor in several). Through Guide Studio, Caroline focuses on storytelling for places through brand development and marketing communications to help clients make meaningful connections with their audiences.


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