Position Papers

What is a Brand Strategy, anyway?

Dropping the jargon for an honest look at what it is and how to use it.
At the risk of sounding cliché, I have often looked in my closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear.” Nothing fits or it’s just not “me” anymore – even my once-favorite sweater isn’t cutting it. I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling (at least I hope not, since I’ve put myself out there!). But the same can be said for a brand identity. Sometimes it’s just not working like it once did ...

University Heights Council Looking to Brand the City

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS – As a new administration prepares to take office, City Council is looking to take the opportunity of that fresh start to brand the city...

How to Create School Pride Using Branded Environment

The term “school spirit” often conjures up thoughts of students painting their faces red and silver and running through campus singing “Hang On Sloopy.” But at the heart of it, these brazen displays of pride stem from the brand promise to which students are attracted to...
Position Papers

The Intersection of Wayfinding and Branding

Using wayfinding to communicate your brand personality
Wayfinding signs and tools are commonly used to get visitors from Point A to Point B, but why not make more use of this extremely valuable real estate? Beyond helping people not get lost, wayfinding should be inspired by, and more connected to, a community’s brand, giving people a sense of place and reinforcing its unique personality...

Marketing Support for Marketing Professionals

Unlike many consultant-client partnerships, marketing should operate like an extension of your team
Starting a partnership with an external consultancy is a bit like navigating your way through the first few dates of a new relationship. After narrowing down your prospects and finding the right match, you need to get to know each other, ask plenty of questions and set expectations for your future together. At Guide Studio, we take this “getting to know you” phase pretty seriously, and can offer some honest insights into what it’s like to work with our team...

Wayfinding 101

Finding Your Way Around Wayfinding
Join us on Tuesday, November 7th at 2pm to prepare for your next wayfinding project with need-to-know information on costs, timelines, challenges and ROI...

Navigation in an Age of Autonomous Vehicles

There’s no question that technology and the culture surrounding it advances at a staggering pace. Before we know it, driverless cars – or autonomous cars – will be mainstream, turning transportation infrastructure and industry on its head...