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The Verbs of Place

Branding, Placemaking and Wayfinding
Branding, Placemaking and Wayfinding. What on earth do these terms mean and what value do they bring to a community? While they sound like buzzwords, each represents a deep area of practice and expertise that can help communities identify and promote who they are, align and attract residents, businesses and visitors, bringing purpose and function to their district. Translating to real return on investment, the meaning of these words is worth getting to know ...

Interpretative Signage as Stealth Marketing

Revealing the Character of a Place & Encouraging Visitors to Learn
When we think of signs, we think of those that provide directions or label a place, all with intention of helping people find their way. But signage can do much more than guide people – it can promote learning, invite engagement, trigger behaviors and stir emotion. Cue interpretive signage: a powerful tool that communities a depth of information or tells a story that ignites meaningful relationships with visitors...

“New master plan will guide people through RF”

Guide Studio to Develop Wayfinding Program in River Falls, WI
As the name promises, River Falls is a beautiful city in Wisconsin that can boast spectacular views of the Kinnickinnic River and surrounding area. It's also a charming community that is home to the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. The city has recently joined forces with Guide Studio to eliminate sign clutter and rethink wayfinding to better accommodate their visitors...

How to Market Without a Marketing Department

For Cities and Communities | Thursday, June 8 | 2:00–3:00pm
In this webinar, we discuss the opportunities for making the most of your marketing efforts without the support of a marketing team, and arm you with practical tools to get started. Whether you are flying solo or have the support of a colleague, marketing to a broad constituency is no easy job. Large diverse audiences, public perceptions, lofty goals and modest budgets are compounded by the fact that most communities do not have a fully staffed marketing team…or even one dedicated resource...

How to Win a Grant

Pursuing grants for civic projects can be daunting. Completing the rigorous multi-page applications and compiling all the supporting documentation is a tedious job, but grant-making organizations require a 360-degree perspective in order to do their due diligence. Limited funding means projects are scrutinized and for you, this means providing a thorough package that tells your story while including important planning and financial information the grant maker needs to make a decision...
Position Papers

Life After Branding

You invest a lot of time and energy into producing a new brand for your place. But once it's complete, that work is all for nothing if you don't do anything with it. So what's next? While it's tempting to throw out the brand in a one-and-done promotional blitz, consider how a well-orchestrated, phased transition plan can take your brand further, faster...

Freshwater Cleveland Reports on the Tremont Towpath

Development News
Freshwater Cleveland offers a great overview and update on the construction of the Tremont Towpath - a paved path connecting two ends of the 100-mile Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail that extends from New Philadelphia to downtown Cleveland. The 1.9 miles of the Tremont Towpath is unique because it weaves through Tremont and is one of few places where the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail connects with a city. Bikers, runners and walkers can stop for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and easily explore Tremont from the path...