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Wayfinding Audits and the Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

How to determine the right wayfinding strategy for you

Wayfinding Support for Architects & Planners

The top 10 ways Guide Studio elevates the architectural experience
There’s always a lot of questions about working alongside another consultant. Will they bottleneck our process? Will they be a team player? How will my role be impacted? And, of course, Why can’t I just do this myself? Trust us, we get it....

Recruiting The Next Class of Brand Advocates

How Higher Education Institutions Can Create Lifelong Relationships With Key Audiences
There are nearly 4,000 colleges and universities across the U.S., and with online education programs on the rise, prospective students have more choices than ever…...

“There is No Parking” Myth

Issues and remedies for downtown parking
We interviewed experienced parking consultant, Chuck Ignatz of GRAELIC, LLC to reveal the most common challenges and misconceptions regarding parking, and talked about how to improve visitor experience....

Ugly Parking Garages: A thing of the past

Parking garages have been in need of a rebranding since, well, the beginning of their time. That may sound harsh, but parking garages have a bad rap for good reason....
Position Papers

Maps: Plotting the Course, Part 2

How we get there; strategies, tools & graphic elements for effective map design
They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. There is no doubt that applies to organizations, entities and physical places....
Position Papers

Maps: Plotting the Course, Part 1

Ever since curiosity got the best of mankind and we ventured out to discover and explore uncharted territories, maps have been an essential tool for navigating, comprehending and documenting geographic and spatial information....