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A free guide to building your brand champion team. Get actionable tips and templates for building your brand champion team from scratch ...

North Coast Harbor Featured on WKYC!

Via Live on Lakeside on WKYC
Jessica Kerr is a natural on television, touting the summer programs in North Coast Harbor's beautiful Voinovich Park, where the city meets the lake...

Wayfinding 101

Making Your Way Around Wayfinding
Join us on August 30th at 2pm to prepare for your next wayfinding project with need-to-know information on costs, timelines, challenges and ROI...
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The Truth About Wayfinding

How Wayfinding Strategy Is So Much More Than A Sign Program
More than signs that direct you from Point A to Point B, wayfinding helps you create great place-based experiences. Like individual bricks paving your journey's path, there are many considerations that impact a well-designed wayfinding program, from where to begin or end the experience, to what you see along the way...

New Delaware County Logo is “Impressive”

Via This Week Community News
The county June 29 unveiled its new logo, which features an outline of the county on a map of the state of Ohio. Blue, gold and green sections represent the county’s waterways, farms and parks...
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The Verbs of Place

Branding, Placemaking and Wayfinding
Branding, Placemaking and Wayfinding. What on earth do these terms mean and what value do they bring to a community? While they sound like buzzwords, each represents a deep area of practice and expertise that can help communities identify and promote who they are, align and attract residents, businesses and visitors, bringing purpose and function to their district. Translating to real return on investment, the meaning of these words is worth getting to know...
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How a Coordinated Brand Strategy Springs New Life into Park Systems

Parks & Branding
Whether you want to stretch your legs after being cooped up in a cubicle, walk your dog or enjoy a sunset picnic, parks invite us to escape the chaos of everyday life so we can stop and smell the roses. In addition to providing opportunities to reconnect with the outdoors, healthy park systems deliver tangible benefits that every community cares about, including improved wellness, ecotourism, increased property values, new talent attraction, and cleaner air and water – to name a few....