Navigational Apps for Destinations

Is it really worth it?
In our markets – places with people-traffic – a navigational app may seem like a practical wayfinding strategy or the on-trend thing to do. In terms of wayfinding, custom navigational apps are more of a buzzword than an actual strategy. ...

Guide Studio Celebrates 20 Years and Announces New President

Cleveland’s leading consultancy for places with people-traffic announces new leadership with 20th anniversary
CLEVELAND – September 5, 2017 – Guide Studio [formerly Studio Graphique] celebrates 20 years of strategic consulting for places and announces Cathy Fromet as the new President, effective September 1....
Position Papers

Client Side Roles & Responsibilities

The Team, The Committee, The Council/Board
Any organization or municipality preparing to embark on a large, complex design project knows it’s going to take a lot of people power to make it happen successfully. But what are the roles of all those involved? This position paper outlines the roles and responsibilities of the core team, steering committee and council/board...
Position Papers

Dynamic Wayfinding

Integrating Digital Signage to Improve Visitor Experience
As society becomes more reliant on technology, it is no surprise that its power and innovation has quickly become a useful component for navigation and wayfinding. As a design consultancy that is focused on improving place-based experiences through effective wayfinding and branding programs, Guide Studio is often asked what role digital signage can play in wayfinding and visitor experience....

Brand Champion Guide

A free guide to building your brand champion team. Get actionable tips and templates for building your brand champion team from scratch...

North Coast Harbor Featured on WKYC!

Via Live on Lakeside on WKYC
Jessica Kerr is a natural on television, touting the summer programs in North Coast Harbor's beautiful Voinovich Park, where the city meets the lake...

Wayfinding 101

Finding Your Way Around Wayfinding
Join us on August 30th at 2pm to prepare for your next wayfinding project with need-to-know information on costs, timelines, challenges and ROI...